Fun with custom fluid solvers.
Well, Im trying to get my pyroclastic smoke to look better and testing various ways to get more details and the little "bubbley" blobs to apear more. Stay tuned for more RnD in this area. I can tell you this already, houdini's ability to modify the core of the fluid solvers and extend on to it is amazingly powerful.

Fun with displacements
Wrote a quick VOPS (houdini) displacement shader. You can see the difference between the mesh grid vs. the single quad with shader. I got most of the noise algorithm from this book: http://www.cs.umbc.edu/~ebert/book/book.html

Basically its standard noise stuff...perlin noise iterated over several passes modulated and added to one another then tweaked for desired effect.
Untitled from Anupam Das on Vimeo.

More Fluids R&D

First: no Im not really happy with the results. But im learning a lot and I think I know what i need to do to improve it. This started because I wanted to learn how fluid solvers actually work instead of using all the built in pyro effects (anyone can push buttons). I tried my hand at a pyroclastic flow sim. The basic technique is to modify the divergence fields and temperature fields using particles. And while I was at it, I figured out a way to use particles give a little push to the flow as well.  Anyway here is what I got so far.

Fluids R&D

I've used houdini fluids a lot but Im a little frustrated with the speed.
So I thought I'd give FumeFX a try and so far I love it. My first challenge was to try large scale and small scale fire. I learned several tricks to help with fire rendering which I will post later. For now here are some tests:

Large scale fire


Large scale fire with Smoke


Large scale fire with advected texture to add detail.


Small scale fire